LeanKit is proud to be a part of the "PM Day of Service"! We would like to provide 5 FREE users for one year of our Select Edition software to each organization that attended. 

To setup your FREE account please email the following information to Kai.Passo@leankit.com:
Company / Organization Name:
Contact Name:
Contact Email:
Contact Phone Number: 
Hostname Requested (we will do our best to be as close as possible):

  • Format is hostname.leankit.com
  • Example of ABC Company = abccompany.leankit.com

Once we have this information we will setup your account and email you instructions on getting started. There will be a max of 5 FREE users set initially and you can add those users from directly within the application. We have instructional webinars twice a week to help you get started!
Also, we have partnered with the first founding sponsor of PMDOS®—Fortezza Consulting—who is offering a guaranteed 50% productivity boost for your teams within 1 month for a single flat fee.  Click here for details on Fortezza Consulting's offer.
We look forward to helping you maximize your impact!