PMDoS 2015 Press Release

Five DC area chapters of the Project Management Institute (PMI), Taproot Foundation and A Billion + Change were hard at work on Monday, January 19, 2015 during MLK Day of Service for the LARGEST pro bono ScopeAthon ever. Over 400 project managers descended on Tyson’s Corner for three-hour diagnostic sessions to identify one organizational challenge at a nonprofit, brainstorm solutions, and develop a scope of work for a project that addresses that need.  Project managers scoped projects for 100 local nonprofits!  Thanks to our friends at CNCS, we were honored to kick off the event with remarks from the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, who emphasized the importance of service and the role that the private sector plays in improving communities. View photos from the event here.

During the ScopeAthon, A Billion + Change launched the #ScopeForChange campaign to build awareness for project managers and nonprofits who unleashed the potential of their time and talent through skills-based volunteering. Participants were excited to tell us why they decided to #ScopeForChange:

  • I #ScopeForChange because I want to leave this earth better than I found it.
  • I #ScopeForChange because I want my 4-year-old to grow up in a community full of love.
  • I #ScopeForChange because project managers get change done!!
  • I #ScopeForChange because I want to help others do more!!!

The enthusiasm among project managers and nonprofits alike was contageous. Participants were excited to be involved and so many were grateful for the opportunity to show that project management is a field of highly-skilled professionals that can make the lives and jobs of nonprofits much easier. We're so excited to have been involved in the ScopeAthon to honor the legacy and service of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by unleashing the potential of the private sector to use their time and talent for good!

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The ScopeAthon was facilitated by the Taproot Foundation in collaboration with five D.C. Metro Area chapters of the Project Management Institute and with support from A Billion + Change and Hewlett-Packard.

PMDoS Mentioned in the White House Press Release Regarding Our Visit from the US Secretary of Commerce!

Stay tuned for more pictures from the event!