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PMI Queensland chapter partnered with PM4Change to create the PMDoS Brisbane16 event that occurred on Friday, November 4, 2016. At the PMDoS, PMI Queensland Chapter members partnered with 19 charities and not-for-profit organisations to offer a benefit never before presented in this fashion.  PMDoS Brisbane offered a FREE one-day problem solving event where charities and not-for-profit organisations were matched with project management professionals. Together, participants discussed and diagnosed critical problems and then scoped out a projects to help address and overcome the issues.

How it worked!

From the consultant’s side of things, each applicant offering their services submitted resumes and had their experience reviewed.  From this review, a lead consultant was designated and a team of up to 3 consultants formed.  Prior to the DoS, the consulting team members were provided with a fact-sheet of the organisation’s initiative(s) that they are bringing to the table. The consulting team researched and were able to conference prior to the event with their organisation representatives prior to the day so that they were able to come to the table prepared to advance those initiatives. Seated at the same table, the PMDoS Team, composed of the PM/SME consultants and the organisation representatives, worked through the day and delivered to the client those artefacts that would supplement their goals and advance them to the next level in their endeavors. Together, they spent the day working to arrive at the best solution to carry the initiative forward.


The Project Management Day of Service Event allows you, as project managers, to enhance the project management profession while serving your local community in a highly impactful way. Join us for our next PMDoS event! 

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What's Next?

Brisbane 2016 was an unqualified success and PMIQLD is looking to the future! 


  • You can let your CHARITY or NOT-FOR-PROFIT organisation participate in future events to gain FREE project management services.
  • You can CONSULT at events and share your project management skills and experience to give back to the community.

Interested in a Sponsorship Opportunity? 

Click HERE for more information, or contact us with your name and contact information at pmdos@pmiqld.org or geoff.close@pmiqld.org

  • You can SPONSOR events to gain brand exposure and give back to the community. Your organisation can purchase a sponsorship package or offer to supply products or services. You will have an opportunity to showcase your brand on multiple channels. Enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility profile by making a valuable contribution benefitting your company’s overall reputation. You’re not simply contributing funds, goods or services, you are contributing to the positive branding of your organisation by:
  • Promoting your brand to project management professionals, charities and Not-for-Profit organisations, and the public at large
  • Taking advantage of the event businesses to showcase products and services, and
  • Giving your employees a reason to be proud to work for companies that support philanthropic organisations.  Attract top talent, have higher retention and increased loyalty!

What's New? 

  • Stay tuned for more updates on how to register for this amazing opportunity!

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