Project Management for Change (PM4C) - FAQs

What is Project Management for Change?

Project Management for Change is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to raise the profile of the Project Management profession by creating positive impact in our community.


Does Project Management for Change have a headquarters?

PM4C is based out of the Metro DC area, but does not have a brick and mortar presence. We meet monthly at a coworking space in the Tysons Corner area.


Is PM4C affiliated with Project Management Institute (PMI) or any of its chapters?

PM4C is not affiliated with PMI or any of its chapters, but we do have a working relationship with many chapters in Region 5 (Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and DC). We can often be found at chapter events, especially as we gear up for a local PMDoS event.


IS PM4C affiliated with any nonprofit foundations?

PM4C is not affiliated with any nonprofit foundations, choosing instead to work with local powerhouses including Points of Light and ABillion+Change.


Project Management Day of Service (PMDoS)

What is the Day of Service about?

The Project Management Day of Service one-day community service event in which project managers provide pro bono project management skills to nonprofit leaders requiring assistance in assessing and planning projects for their organizations to succeed.


Where are PMDoS events held?

The original Project Management Day of Service was held in Washington DC and has grown to cities including Houston, Hampton Roads, NYC, and Australia. Events can be held anywhere there is significant interest and we’re more than pleased to help you get one started!


What kinds of NPOs work with PMDoS?

PMDoS attracts a wide variety of organizations which we categorize into seven sectors:

·               Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

·               Youth Development and Agricultural

·               Foreign Affairs and National Security

·               Art, Culture, Education

·               General and Rehabilitative, Community Health Systems

·               Veterans Support

·               Public & Social Benefit


What kind of needs do these NPOs have?

Past NPO needs have included marketing/branding, volunteer recruitment and grant writing.


How much time do I need to dedicate to the event? Is there training?

We ask for one day (averaging 8 hours) in order to maximize the ROI for both yourself and your NPO. A one hour webinar training is required for all attendees in order to familiarize with the unique situations of an NPO.


Can I pick the NPO I work with?

We try to pair volunteers with the most appropriate organizations, but we understand that sometimes there can be an organization close to your heart. Should there be a specific NPO you would like to work with, please contact your local event team.


Can my employer send a team to a PMDos event?

Yes! Please contact your local event team for more information and an Employer Team packet.


Can I get PDUS for volunteering? How do I claim them?

We are currently working on guidelines to claim PDUs under the new Continuing Certifications Requirement.


Do I need to be PMP certified?

You don’t need to be PMP certified in order to participate, but an understanding of project management principles is required.


How am I paired with my NPO?     

Your event Human Resources Team will use your application, resume and Linked In profile (if provided) to match volunteers with the most appropriate scoping problem. Some project managers may remain unmatched until the event in order to replace any open spots. We regret that the pairings will not be available before the event.


How the NPOs be prepared for the DoS?

NPOs will be given training and worksheets to help develop their ideas before the event.



Where will the 2017 event be held? Is it metro-accessible?

The 2017 DC event will be held at the University of Maryland, College Park – a highly metro-accessible location! For those using the Metro, College Park is on the green line as well as multiple bus lines.  Please remember MLK Day is a federal holiday. There will be shuttles running through the day between the rail station and Stamp Student Union. Look for more information in our event newsletter.


What is the dress code?

There is no official dress code, but many wear business professional.


What happens if there is inclement weather?

PMDoS understands that January weather can be unpredictable. Decisions on inclement weather will be made on Sunday afternoon, be they an updated schedule or an event cancellation. Any changes will be notified via email and social media.


Do I need to bring anything to the event?

Just yourselves (and maybe a friend)! we will provide everything from pens and paper to laptops and USB drives. Many of the worksheets used are proprietary in nature.


Will meals be provided?

Continental breakfast and (vegetarian-friendly) lunch will be provided to all attendees. Please contact your local event team if you have food allergy concerns.


Is there a cost associated with the event?

We ask for a $20 donation to cover logistical costs. You are welcome to donate more, and all donations are tax deductible.


I signed up but now cannot attend. Who do I contact?

Please contact PMDoS DC as soon as possible so appropriate changes can be made.


How many people are on a team?

Each volunteer team is comprised of 3-4 people and three roles: Lead, Timekeeper, and Scribe. While we can suggest a team lead, we have found in past in past years that teams are more productive self-assigning these roles.


I’d like to sign up for the event with friends/coworkers. Can we be assigned to the same team?

Everything’s better with a friend! As much as we’d like to accommodate team request, we can’t make any promises. Please feel free to send the DC17 HR team an email and we’ll do our best.