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April 2019 Newsletter

Effective Communication in Project Management


Research has shown that a project manager’s communication skills can make or break a project. It’s easy to see why communication can be such a challenge: everyone has different communication styles and different information needs, depending on their role. Plus, project managers are up against time constraints and have little time to effectively communicate.


A brief review of the communication model further explains why communication can be problematic. In any form of communication, there is a sender and receiver of a message. The successful transfer of information depends on how the receiver interprets the message. Other factors, such as the noise surrounding the communication, can impede the receiver’s ability to encode the information properly. Suffice it to say, communicating can be an uphill battle.


So how can project managers successfully communicate with their teams? Here are a few suggestions from teamgantt:


1. Set project expectations. Ensure that everyone fully understands what they are responsible for, and what the project manager is responsible for, throughout the project. Everyone should also be able to recognize what the success of the project looks like.


2. Discuss project deliverables. Make time to talk about the status and quality of the project’s deliverables. Reviewing these items reduces project risk.


3. Conduct status meetings. Briefly come together with the project team consistently in order keep everyone updated on the health of the project.


4. Ask questions. Ask the project team about their achievements and challenges, and also about what they may need. The more you know, the easier it will be to deliver the results that the stakeholders expect.

For information on how to create a plan to define communication during your project, see the following video: “Project Management: Creating a Communications Plan.”



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