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December 2018 Newsletter

Closing Out The Year & Your Project

As the year comes to a close, we'll take a look at an important aspect of project management that is often neglected - project closing. The months of planning and years of execution is complete, and the project end goal has been reached. Now what? Time to wrap-up and close the project out.
The closing project step is one of the most overlooked processes, but is beneficial to the project team, the organization, and various other stakeholders. Having an archive of past communications, such as an email chain, can be helpful to look back and understand why certain decisions were made, or help with developing improved strategies in working with stakeholders. Another reason closing is an important step is to document what was completed. At the time the project is completed, the project team may be ready to move on, but taking a step back, reviewing lessons learned, and confirming the original project objective was completed, can be helpful for all. Some tips to successfully close a project? Here are a few from Patrice from DPM:
  • Go over every plan/timeline to ensure nothing was forgotten
  • Scour your notes/messages for 'parking lot' items
  • Write up a wrap-up note to your team to let them know the project launch was successful
  • Close the project with your client 
  • Plan a project retrospective every time
  • Ask the client for feedback 
  • Consider a personalized acknowledgement to your teammates
  • Make sure you follow any project closure procedure that your company or agency requires
  • Take a really deep breath to reset
Look Back

2018 was a great year for Project Management for Change and Project Management Day of Service Events. Over 8 events were held across the country:


  • Washington, D.C.
  • Atlanta, GA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Hampton Roads, VA
  • Gdansk, Poland
  • Wellington, Somerset, United Kingdom
  • Denver CO
  • Queens, Australia 


Whether it was a first-time event in that locale, or their second, third, or even fourth time, the impact was there. Local nonprofits brought their most pressing initiatives, and came out with a plan of action to continue their mission. Project managers donated their time and skills, and left knowing they had made a positive impact on their community. To all locales, we congratulate them and recognize their hard work to make their event a success! We can't wait to see what 2019 brings.


To learn more about bringing an event to a location near you and contact our Global Team, please visit our website

Washington, D.C.

Upcoming PMDoS Event: Washington, D.C. Region 

January 19, 2019 in College Park, MD 


Whether you are a nonprofit looking for pro bono project management help or are a project manager looking to give back to your community, DC19 PMDoS will have something for you! Learn more and register for our 5th annual Project Management Day of Service here. Please also consider donating or sponsoring if you are unable to make it!

Wanted: Business Development Lead 
Do you have experience in sponsorship or fundraising? We're looking for you! We’re seeking a Business Development Lead to champion these efforts for our pro-bono events and services.

Please visit Idealist for list of current volunteer positions and details. Do you have talents and skills which aren't listed? Reach out to to receive information about other opportunities. 

Reviewing Project Closure



Want to learn more about the importance of Project Closure and refresh what this all entails? Check out this free webinar that not only highlights its importance, but also learn how project managers can leverage this phase to create a strong success story.

Project Closure

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Put a Face on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Read how Project Management for Change and Wellingtone UK brought Project Management Day of Service to the UK as a way to bring project management to the forefront of Corporate Social Responsibility. 


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