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July 5,  2016

“PMDoS Goes International” Update!

PM4Change hosted the second meeting of the PMDoS Collaboration Community on Wednesday, June 29, this time welcoming those from “Down Under” of the PMI Queensland Chapter (PMIQLD) to join our PMI NYC and PMI Hampton Roads (PMIHR) members!  PMINYC and PMIHR are planning on joining DC PMDoS 2017 on MLK Day for a joint East Coast PMDoS event on January 16, 2017, but PMIQLD is targeting International Project Management Day, November 2, 2016 – a mere FOUR MONTHS AWAY - for their PMDoS!  Join hands to support our members host their first PMDoS event and volunteer to become a PMDoS Global Mentor ! If you are interested, be sure to note that on your volunteer form!  Sign up now!

DC PMDoS2017 News

The 2017 DC PMDoS event team is off to a quick start thanks to the PM4C Day of Service Playbook!  The DC area Event Team met with our one of our founding sponsors and partner, University of Maryland, this week.  UMD, our facilities sponsor, helped us walk through our meeting space and make improvements over last year’s event based on the lessons learned and the exit surveys.  We’ve learned that cookies and coffee will make the final surge of the afternoon be more effective, so we’ve doubled down on our order! The team is also finalizing our resource and volunteer needs.  We are in need of volunteers to help lead marketing, sponsorship development, and technology needs for the DC PMDoS2017 event.  If you are interested in any of these roles, be sure to note that on your volunteer form!  Sign up now!
The PM4Change Volunteer Team Report

The next PM4Change volunteer teams meeting is Saturday, July 9! Sign up now to be a volunteer Sign up and join us for our monthly potluck! Come meet the Functional Area teams and decide where you would like to dive in - we welcome more of you to join the fun! 

Do you have skills to share?  We NEED skills in the areas of marketing, graphics, social media, event planning, finance, project management, training development, writing, business development, communications, media relations!!! Do you bring something to the table we haven’t thought of?  We have a wide range of opportunities to fit everyone’s interests and abilities – you don’t have to be a project manager to participate!  If you are interested in volunteering to support our world changing efforts, please sign up sign up now!

The New Project Management
for Change Coaching Program is
 Kicking off

What is the PM4Change Coaching program?
This is a volunteer run pilot coaching program to support the PMDoS nonprofits by answering project management questions and providing support and resources to the nonprofits as they work on their projects.

Why are we doing this?
So, the nonprofit got their project scoped and a work plan created, but now what? We had two great PMDoS events in the DC area, but we want to have a greater impact than even our awesome single day event can create! Let’s help the nonprofits keep building their project management know how.

If you signed up as a coach or a nonprofit to be a part of this pilot program, you should have received an email last week to talk about next steps.

The Change HAS Come! 
Starting NOW, you will notice that this newsletter now comes from our Project Management for Change email address ( as we have made the final shift to focus on even more high-impact services to support raising the profile of the project management profession while bringing the power of Project Management to the nonprofit community.

Help Us Do It All AGAIN!

Planning for PMDoS 2017 is starting NOW!

A unique leadership opportunity awaits you with Project Management for Change!!

Are you interested in furthering your career, building your network of professionals, making new friends, strengthening your leadership skills, learning and gaining resume building experience in new areas, and revolutionizing the project management profession? Then become a Project Management for Change volunteer!

PM4Change has an incredible opportunity for you to do something that is satisfying and of great service to your community using your professional experience and expertise.

EARN PDUs: In addition to PDUs for your volunteer time, volunteers will be invited to attend FREE seminars provided by PM4Change on relevant project management topics.

Come help us change the world, one project at a time!

Sign up!

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