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February 2019 Newsletter

RISK: A Game of Project Domination


Every project faces uncertain events or conditions that arise during the project life cycle—risks that can affect the project’s outcomes positively or negatively. Identifying risks and preparing for them will help avoid issues or minimize their impact, and it will assist in capitalizing on opportunities that could benefit your project. 


You can begin to develop a project risk management plan by following these six steps:


  1. Identify the risk: What risks will the project confront? (Technical, cost, contractual, weather, etc.)
  2. Analyze the risk: How could each risk affect project outcomes?
  3. Prioritize the risk: Which risks require immediate attention? Rank each risk.
  4. Assign owners to each risk: Which team members are responsible for addressing the risk?
  5. Create contingency plans: How will you respond to risks?
  6. Monitor the risk:  How will you track and communicate progress to the project team?

Keep in mind that your risk management plan will continually need to be updated. Conditions will change, and you will need to be ready for new risks.


Many project managers collect the above information within a risk register that becomes a helpful risk management tool throughout the life of the project. This tool is also used to document the strategies employed and the results of responding to risks when they develop into issues or opportunities. A free risk register template can be downloaded from this site.
For further details on risk management planning and suggested tools, see this section of the open project management textbook by bpayne and Adrienne Watt.


 5th Annual Project Management Day of Service

Bravo to the D.C. region team, as they hosted their 5th annual PMDoS event. Fighting snow and ice that day, 97 volunteer project managers showed up to help 23 nonprofits with 28 of their most pressing projects. Including volunteers and sponsors, close to 200 volunteers showed up. To kickstart the day, volunteers heard about the positive impacts that Days of Service have created for CareerCatchers and the Asian American Center of Frederick. Looking for photos? Visit our Past Event Page here.



St. Louis Inaugural Day of Service

Congratulations to St. Louis on their inaugural day of service event on MLK Jr. Day! From just three weeks of intense planning and recruiting, the St. Louis team gathered 18 volunteer project managers together to help 3 of their local nonprofits. The projects ranged from strategic planning to creating an improved process to engage homeless youth. 


Upcoming Events


Together with Foundation Center West, the San Francisco team will be hosting a PMDoS event, themed "Increase Your Impact!" on February 28th. Learn more here.


Feel the Force! The Wellingtone PMDoS UK team is back again with a PMDoS event on April 30th. Read more and sign up here


How Risky Is Your Project?


In business, senior management often wants to know the overall level of risk that your project brings to the table, as opposed to the list of smaller risks that you've recorded in a risk register or risk reports. So how do you determine the overall level of risk of your project, and what can you do about it? Dr. David Hillson discusses how you can solve this puzzle in this free webinar.

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