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Are You a Leader or a Manager?

A leader and a manager both have important roles in an organization, and both roles should co-exist within a successful organization. While a leader drives their team towards a vision and inspires, a manager ensures work is complete. As a project manager, being both a leader and a manager can help a project succeed and thrive. There are many examples of differences between being a leader and being a manager; here are a few from the Wall Street Journal:


  • The manager administers; the leader innovates
  • The manager is a copy; the leader is an original
  • The manager maintains; the leader develops
  • The manager focuses on systems and structure; the leader focuses on people
  • The manager relies on control; the leader inspires trust
  • The manager has a short-range view; the leader has a long-range perspective
  • The manager asks how and when; the leader asks what and why
  • The manager has their eye on the bottom line; the leader's eye is on the horizon
  • The manager imitates; the leader originates
  • The manager accepts the status quo; the leader challenges it
  • The manager is the classic good soldier; the leader is his or her own person
  • The manager does things right; the leader the does the right thing  


As you read this list, it's clear that project management has both elements of being a leader and manager. For example, control is a important part of management—remember, "monitoring and controlling" is its own knowledge area in the Project Management Book of Knowledge!—yet the importance of trust can be found throughout the book as a key quality of a project manager, and to cultivating trust among the team and stakeholders. Many start out being a manager, as joining an organization will often give you direct responsibilities in getting tasks completed. However, to elevate our teams, organizations, and ourselves, we must also become leaders. The first step to becoming a leader? Think beyond your role!

Washington D.C. Project Management Day of Service 2019 Update


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the previously advertised event date (January 21, 2019, MLK Jr. Day) is no longer possible. The DC19 Team anticipates the event still occurring early 2019, but please stay tuned as details are finalized. 


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