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January 2, 2017

Volunteer & Nonprofit Training is HERE!


Happy New Year!  PMDoS is nearly upon us and PM4Change would like to invite our participating PMDoS Volunteers and Nonprofit organizations to a customized one-hour training webinar prior to the event as there will be no training provided on the day itself. The webinar will provide direction to the volunteers on working with the nonprofits to complete the scoping exercise and make PMDoS a productive day.  Nonprofit representatives are being offered the opportunity to attend a one-hour training webinar prior to the event also. This webinar will provide some background on how project management can help the nonprofit organization achieve its goals.  Please share this news and forward the registration to any colleagues you know who are planning to attend PMDoS and who may not have received this training opportunity information. 

When registering for training, please remember to use the same email address you used to register for PMDoS, so Project Managers can receive PDU information.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.  Note the email will come from, our founding sponsor, providing webinar capability.


PM Volunteer Training:

1/4, 7 pm =>

1/9, 12 pm =>


Nonprofit Training:

1/5, 7 pm =>

1/10, 12 pm =>


Unlimited access to the recordings of these sessions will be made available after the last of each session, on Tuesday, January 10.  However, you must first be registered for any one of the training sessions to receive access to the recorded playback sessions.  Please use the links provided above and register now, to ensure that you have access to recorded playback version. 


Still have questions?  Email


Last Chance to Join Us at PMDoS 2017 As A Strategic Partner in Our Quest to Change the World, One Project at A Time!


Looking for a great opportunity to fulfill that corporate 2017 New Year’s Resolution?  Sponsoring PMDoS will provide you the opportunity to:

  • Build brand awareness and corporate reputation;
  • Accomplish Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals;
  • Address community needs where your organization can have the greatest impact; 
  • Gain exposure to your community’s nonprofit professionals and project managers;
  • Develop new business;
  • Reach the project managers and nonprofit organizations in your community who will participate in the event, and,
  • In addition to our global reach of more than 100,000 people receiving communications and paying attention to this movement.  

The goods and services or direct financial support you provide is tax deductible, and in turn provides you the opportunity to sponsor a vendor booth to share information about your service offerings with the many participants.  Individual and corporate sponsorship opportunities can be tailored to suit both the need and the offering! Click HERE for more information about becoming a Strategic PM4C Sponsor.  Click HERE for more information about becoming PMDoS 2017 Sponsor.


 Last Call for Fundraising - You Can Help Amplify Our Impact


Each contribution allows us to expand our current offerings, and address the needs of nonprofits locally and worldwide. With your help, we will be able to organize a bigger and better Project Management Day of Service (PMDoS) and many more future PM4C events around the world.   All donations go directly to Project Management for Change, and will be used to raise the profile of the Project Management profession while giving back to and helping community nonprofits change the world for the better one project at a time. Donations may be tax deductible.

We've made it even easier to give back to our cause. You can donate through Facebook, our website, or by creating a personal donation page.

This year will mark our 3rd Annual Project Management Day of Service and will be held on Monday, January 16, 2017 at the University of Maryland College Park

Each year we attract amazing local Nonprofits with interesting projects that need a little guidance to help them to completion. We are still looking for skilled project managers, like you and your colleagues. If you haven't already signed up, click here to register to be one of the lucky project managers to be a part of the success in our community!


Other ways you can support our shared mission:

1. Donate
 to help us fund the cost of PMDoS. Consider donating through the:

a)  Facebook fundraiser: Make a donation, and then you encourage your network to donate as you share on all of your social media channels. Simply share the fundraiser with your Facebook friends (share is at the top of the page) and then copy the link to LinkedIn and Twitter (plus your email network, etc.)

b) an individual or team in the Fundraising Competition,

c) look for our “Dip Jar” at PMI events for easy credit card swipe donations of $17,

d) Donation Page on our website, or,

e) Skip those crazy malls and partake of a great opportunity to increase Project Management for Change's AmazonSmile donations by doing all of your shopping at


3. Engage the leaders of your company through sponsorship or bringing PMs to the event!

4. Talk about it…. Share on social media.


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Thank you to all of our Founding Sponsors!

IT IS HERE!  The NEW PM4Change

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